How do I pack my bike ?


We suggest  getting a bicycle box from a cycle shop.. (Or make a new box with sheet cardboard).

As an idea, you may be able to pay your local bike shop to pack (They have the right tools and packing materials - instruct them to tape over handholes)


Standard bike packing method is

1) Ensure bike is clean (Dirt, insects, cobwebs, seeds etc are removed)

2) Remove pedals and wrap in air cap

3) Loosen handlebars

4) Lower seat

5) Remove front wheel

6) Put frame into box.(Tape pedals to frame)

7) Air cap between items to prevent scratches

8) Aircap front wheel and put into box.

9) Tighten handlebars

10) Cover any remaining items with aircap to prevent scratches

11) Anti absorbent (optional)

12) Seal box, and PP Band  (To assist with safe lifting and handling)

13) Affix Shipping mark.


Bike Box


Bike box pp banded (awaiting shipping mark)


Handholes must be taped over