Triwall casing for Antiques, Artwork, Glassware, Valuable items ?


Triwall_Casing                          Triwall Commercial Cases ~ Strong, robust, safe



            Come in various Sizes


For valuable, delicate items ~ consolidation inside commercial grade triwall cases adds shipment protection.

Standard case sizes (External dimensions) are:

  •  80 cubic feet (2.27 cubic meters)   LWH 112cm x 115cm x 176 cm 
  • 100 cubic feet (2.83 cubic meters)  LWH 112cm x 115cm x 220cm
  • 200 cubic feet (5.66 cubic meters)  LWH 224cm x 115 cm x 220cm 

MovingJapan has extensive experience with triwall packing ~ please inquire for options and rates regarding special packing requirements.