What is the difference between "Commercial" and "Personal Effects" customs clearances ?


Exports (from Japan)

Personal effects and household goods clearances: Duty and tax free, Shipment must depart within 6 months of shippers(your) departure from Japan.

Commercial goods clearances:  Shipment may be considered commercial at destination, and subject to import country`s import duties & taxes. (Personal effects are normally duty free but depends on country)

Note: Motor cycles and cars require a  commercial customs clearance.


1) If sending personal effects and vehicles together, 2 customs clearances (Commercial & Personal efffects) are required.

2) If goods are put into storage and not shipped within 6 months of customers departure, a commercial customs clearance is required.


Imports (into Japan)

Personal effects and household goods clearances: Duty and tax free.

Commercial goods clearances:  Shipment is subject to import import duties/excises & taxes. (Duties and tax depends on commodity classification).

Note: Vehicles genenerally are duty/excise free but subject to 5% consumption tax (based on value)





Vehicle Shipping


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What is the difference between "Commercial" and "Personal Effects" customs clearances ?

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