Your Holiday & Temporary Storage

Many customers wish to travel for a few weeks, or even months, prior to returning to their home country. We often have queries asking for storage rates at destination. What's the best way to handle this? Should you store your Personal Effects in Japan or at destination?

In most countries, in order to import the shipment as Personal Effects, you must present yourself, in person, to the Customs office. In other words, you cannot delegate someone to import your Personal Effects on your behalf. If you are on a holiday somewhere and the shipment has already arrived at destination, it will sit in a bonded warehouse until customs is cleared. A bonded warehouse is a warehouse where Customs officials keep goods that have not cleared customs. Bonded warehouses are not intended for storage and therefore rates are much... much... much higher ~ especially if not picked up promptly.

The solution is to store in Japan! Moving Japan can hold shipments in a low-cost storage facility for up to three months after departure. When you are ready to receive the shipment, simply contact us and we will arrange an appropriate ship, clear Japan customs and send. You get low-cost storage in Japan and avoid high cost mistakes & charges at destination.